Contacting James
This is the only email that I log into. But I don’t have time to check it often, since most of my time is spent making videos. I appreciate the fan mail, but please don’t expect a response. If it’s important/business matters, I’ll get back to you when I can.

I get several emails with the subject “Urgent!!!” and “Important!!!!”. Please stop using these to get my attention, especially when it’s just a game review request. I guarantee it won’t help.

Once again, thanks for all the kind emails, it means a lot to me!

Subtitling YouTube Videos

If you are interested in doing subtitles for our videos, please visit this forum.

App related issues

If you are having a problem with the app, please use this contact

Website Issues

Springboard Player – If you are having trouble with the Springboard player, try using a different browser and updating your flash player. In many cases, that’s the problem. If you are living outside of North America, Springboard may not work well for you. If you are having trouble, please view our videos on our YouTube channel.

If you are reporting a problem with the website, such as dead links, incorrect links or virus warnings contact

SOUND ADS – Sometimes a sound advertisement will play. We try to eliminate sound ads, especially because this is a video website. If there’s a sound advertisement playing on the site, you can’t hear the video you’re trying to watch. We’re aware of this problem, but in some cases, there’s not much we’re able to do about it. If a sound ad appears for you while you’re trying to watch a video, refresh the page, and a new display ad should be in its place and HOPEFULLY will be silent so you can enjoy whichever video you’re watching.

Donating a game or movie

If you want to donate a game or movie please contact Please state exactly what it is you want to send in the e-mail. Please check the Game Collection Page to see if we already have it.

Submitting fan art

If you want to submit fan art send to Please send jpg files no more then 600 pixels in width. Please note, if you send fan art, chances are it’s not going to be posted right away. We wait until we get a whole bunch of them and then post them all at once.


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