His Name Was Jason – Outtakes

Mike Matei / February 19th, 2009

Many fans were shocked to see me in the Friday the 13th documentary DVD set “His Name Was Jason.” I have to admit, it felt very surreal to me also. When I was asked to record my own commentary, it was an incredible honor, so naturally, I tried my best. I rambled for several minutes and gave them plenty to work with, hoping that even 2 seconds of my material would make it into the final cut. And I was glad to see they were able to use quite a bit. I have a brief moment in the main feature, talking about my AVGN Friday the 13th review. Then, under the “Fan films” menu, a slightly cut-down edition of my AVGN review is included with a special introduction by myself, knowing that many Friday the 13th fans would be seeing it. Also, under the “Dragged into the lake” menu, there is a short commentary where I’m talking about the moment in Jason Takes Manhattan where he kicks the stereo. As for the rest of the stuff I recorded that didn’t make it in, I thought you might like to see it. I talked about whatever I thought might fit in a documentary like that. Basically, I rambled as much as I could. I also go into a little “show & tell” session where I describe my fanboy experience, getting autographs from Kane Hodder (Jason in Parts 7,8,9,X) and Betsy Palmer (Mrs. Vorhees). Thought you might find it interesting, but it is just me being a fan.

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