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This is trimmed-down complete site-rip of the old website. I happened to check out the old site during Thanksigivng weekend and noticed that the HTTPS certificate had expired and would only load insecurely. I can't remember what I was thinking in the moment but I decided to boot up WinHTTrack and mirror the entire site to my external drive.

At the time of writing this (January 25, 2021) the current Cinemassacre "website" is a LinkTree and the copy of the old website lacks basic functionality such as pagination among other things.

After sitting on this for a few weeks I came back to the external hard drive, cut off all the bullshit javascript inserted by WordPress (this is not the reason comments are missing) and wrote out this small message.

I own nothing on this site, and if you want to reach out to me you can email here I hope you can all enjoy the old-school content as much as I do.


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